Patio Declutter Checklist

Patio of a modern residence

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How To Declutter The Patio

A decluttered patio can provide a calm feeling when you know there is a place to go, sit down, relax, and get some fresh air!

The patio is one of my favorite places to work.

There is nothing that compares to the birds chirping, rustling leaves in the trees and just the beautiful sounds of nature. I have a waterfall fountain on my deck as well, which adds an extra layer of relaxation!

As you get started on your decluttering mission, the following checklist, specifically designed for the patio, will give you a great start to getting this room in perfect ‘no-clutter’ condition!

pinterest image patio declutter checklist

Patio Declutter Checklist

  • Empty Or Broken Beverage Cans & Bottles
  • Broken, Frayed Or Damaged Patio Furniture
  • Stained Or Damaged Furniture Cushions
  • Damaged Or Broken Plant Pots
  • Dead Plants
  • Torn, Stained Or Frayed Mats
  • Unused Or Damaged Sports Equipment
  • Dated Flower Pots
  • Damaged Bird Feeders
  • Empty Bottles Or Bags Of Fertilizer, Bird Feed, Etc.
  • Damaged Or Unused Grill
  • Broken Or Random Pieces Of Grill Accessories
  • Damaged Or Unusable Gardening Tools
  • Damaged Toys
  • Damaged Swimming Pool Games, Floaties, Tubes, Etc.
  • Trash Bags Not Taken To Gargage Can
  • Damaged Exterior Door Wreaths
  • Decor No Longer Like
  • Damaged Or Unsafe Pet Toys
  • Broken Pottery Or Ceramic Figurines
  • Items That Do Not Belong In The Patio Area
  • All Other Unused Items
  • All Other Broken Items

Save the checklist below to refer back to later or share it with a friend that is in ‘declutter mode’ and would love to have more direction and additional ideas! 😊

itemized list to declutter Patio

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