Living Room Declutter Checklist

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Ultimate plan of action to decluttering the living room

The living room is the main room in your house people are likely to see if you have guests or visitors drop by unannounced.

It is also the room where a large part of the family activities takes place, making it a magnet for clutter.

Furthermore, family members hang out together here and leave their things behind.

For these reasons, decluttering this room can be a bigger challenge than other rooms and areas in your home.

However, it is possible to keep this room decluttered and make it a clutter-free zone in your house.

The following 3 steps will have your living room in tip-top shape without clutter in no time at all!

1 | Sort books, magazines, and toys

Have you ever felt like your living room is a mixture of the kitchen, entryway, child’s bedroom, and the local library?

There are times I look around after everyone has been hanging out in the living room and I see multiple pairs of shoes strewn around, bowls of leftover popcorn and empty soda cans, a variety of toys, and half-read magazines folded with the cover back.

Do a quick sweep of the items that don’t belong and put them in their correct home. If there are worn-out or broken toys or other items, don’t put them away but get rid of them so you aren’t just moving them back and forth.

2 | Get rid of excess knick-knacks

Knick-knacks add your personality to your home.

Enjoying décor isn’t the problem.

What creates a clutter problem is too many knick-knacks sitting on tables and shelves. They take up space and make it more difficult to clean.

Take a sweeping look of your living room. What knick-knacks are sitting around that you could get rid of to make more empty space?

3 | Give every item a permanent home

What does it mean exactly to give every item a permanent home?

Simply have a place for every item so it is not laying around loose. It will always be in the same place when you aren’t using it so you know where it is, and where to put it back when you are finished using it.

Examples of typical items in the living room that are left lying around are tv remote controls, cell phone chargers, video game controllers, and things like hand cream, pens and writing tablets or sticky notes.

Organizers make a great permanent home for living room items.

I personally use the following items in my living room, and highly recommend every one of them to keep the clutter out.

Top Amazon Picks for Living Room Organization

You can have a clutter-free living room!

As you get started on your decluttering mission, the following checklist specifically designed for the living room will give you a great start to getting these rooms in perfect ‘no-clutter’ condition!

pinterest image living room declutter checklist

Living Room Declutter Checklist

  • Mail Clutter
  • Paper Clutter
  • Beverage Cans & Bottles
  • Dirty Dishes
  • Unused Or Extra Lamps
  • Unused Electronics & Computer Gadgets
  • Unused Or Extra Cords
  • Unused Video Games, CDs, DVDs & Movies
  • Miscellaneous Computer Gadgets
  • Pencils, Pens & Markers
  • Games, Toys & Puzzles
  • Odd & Ends Game Pieces
  • Books & Manuals
  • Craft Supplies
  • Unfinished Crafts Or Projects
  • Unused Pillows
  • Unused Blankets
  • Overly Stained Rugs
  • Unused & Overly Stained Furniture
  • Decor Without A Purpose
  • Items That Do Not Belong In This Room
  • All Other Unused Items
  • All Broken Items

What has worked for you to keep your living room decluttered?

Even though it can be a challenge to keep the living room decluttered because of the amount of traffic it gets, it is possible!

Download the declutter checklist below and you will be well on your way to enjoying a clutter-free environment!

Hop down to the comments and share your favorite trick to keep your living room clutter-free! And please share and pin this post!

list of items to declutter in living room

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