101 Things To Declutter Right Now To Make Your Home Feel Bigger

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Does the thought of decluttering your entire home totally freak you out (aka overwhelm you)?

Isn’t it amazing how quickly stuff piles up in our home and starts to take up so much of our space?

Every time I have moved throughout the years it was unbelievable to me how much stuff I pulled out of drawers, cabinets, closets, and just things sitting around that had no real value to me.

Where did it all come from?

During one move about 8 years ago I had enough of it all and decluttered down to the bare necessities when I was packing the boxes. That was the best move ever and putting things away in the new house was a freeing experience because I actually had cabinet and counter space left over.

Several years later when I moved from that home into an RV fulltime, it wasn’t nearly as hard since I had only moved necessities and was very intentional about clutter not rebuilding. However, I will add that moving from a 2500 SF home into an RV takes more than just decluttering. 😉

If you have been wanting to declutter and don’t know where to begin, this list will give you a great start!

Once you take that first step I am sure it will feel so awesome you will get excited to do a little each day until your home feels so much bigger because it has less stuff in it.

old items to remove from your home old computers old furniture

Tips For Decluttering Your Home

Before you start your decluttering mission, do a quick run-through of these tips. They will set you up for success and help you continue moving forward.

Remember the key is to take small steps forward one at a time!

Have A Game Plan Before You Start

Before you actually dive into decluttering an area, room, or home, creating a plan to follow will highly increase your likelihood of success!

Use The Four-Box Method

When it comes to accomplishing a big job, success is all about having a system to guide you and then following it.

I love the ‘four-box method’ because it is straightforward and you can visually see progress being made, a huge motivator for any busy mom I have ever talked to!

It’s super simple and this is how it works.

Get four boxes or storage bins and label them like this:

Box 1: Trash (broken or of no use to anyone)

Box 2: Give away or sell (gotta go)

Box 3: Keep (already has a home)

Box 4: Put away (needs a home)

Start going through your items and things laying around that don’t belong in the room you are decluttering and put them in the right box.

Start Small

If you want to dive in headfirst and set your goals as you go, you’re not alone!

This is how many people start the decluttering process.

I have found the people that start this way struggle more down the road. For this reason I don’t recommend it.

The important thing is that no matter how you decide to start (with or without a plan), make a conscious effort to start small.

For example, rather than starting with a whole room, break that room down into smaller areas, such as the closet and drawers.

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Answer 5 Key Questions About Each Item

Deciding what to do with an item can consume hours if you let it!

Answer these 5 questions for each item to help you make a quick decision and keep moving forward:

  1. Do I use this?
  2. Do I have more than one of this item without reason?
  3. Would I buy this again?
  4. Does this simplify my life?
  5. Does this make me feel happy?

Keep in mind there are items you can use more than one like spatulas in the kitchen . . . but do you need 8 of them? Maybe …. but probably not! 😲

Just because an item doesn’t fit all 5 questions doesn’t mean it needs to go! I have many functional items that don’t make my heart warm when I look at them, but I use them often!

These questions are meant to get you thinking.

If you start over-analyzing you will not only slow your progress, but you will also find that your decluttering mission isn’t as successful as it could be.

Take Before & After Photos

The old saying, “a picture is worth a thousand words” has so much truth in it!

Most people get motivated by looking at before and after pictures to see the progress of others. They make it seem real and attainable.

For example, if you are redoing your landscaping, before and after pictures can give you great ideas for your own yard while making you believe that you can have a yard that looks fabulous!

Taking your own before and after pics as you declutter small areas is no different when it comes to motivation!

When you get discouraged, go back to these photos and it will likely get you moving forward again!

Each of these tips is broken down into specific how-to’s in the post 10 Expert Hacks To Declutter Anything, plus I include an additional 5 expert tips to give you a quick-start to decluttering your home!

101 Things To Declutter For A Tidy & Spacious Home

Making the decision to declutter and actually doing it are two different things.

It is easy to ‘want’ and ‘plan’ to do it, but actually getting starting is usually the hardest part!

Choosing the things to keep and get rid of is what causes the overwhelm, not the actual act of going through the things.

I created this list of 101 things to give you a jump start and gain some confidence! I broke it into categories so you can start small and quickly get big wins!

Things To Declutter In The Kitchen

kitchen stove white cabinets yellow teapot

1. Plastic bowls with no lids & storage containers you don’t use

2. Cookbooks you don’t use

3. Refrigerator magnets

4. Old dish towels & potholders

5. Chipped or cracked glass bakeware

6. Utensils you have more than one

7. Pots & pans with damaged cooking surface or broken handles

8. Spices you never use

9. Appliance instruction manuals (get them online as needed)

10. Baking sheets, cake pans & cupcake pans damaged from baked-on food

11. Recipes printed and stuffed in drawers & recipe magazines

12. Small appliances you never use

13. Bottles, cups, child plates your kids have outgrown

14. Plastic cups from past parties or fast food places

15. Chipped coffee mugs, drinking glasses, and dishes

16. Mixes, boxed dinners, jello packets that are out-of-date

17. Plastic grocery bags

18. Measuring cups & spoons with duplicates

19. Notepads, pens, pencils, paper clips, tape, etc. you never use

20. Calendars from prior years

21. Travel mugs with missing lids or that don’t keep drink hot or cold

22. Extra mason jars

Things To Declutter In The Living Room

23. Magazines you don’t read

24. Extra pillows & throw blankets

25. Dead houseplants or artificial plants laden with dust

26. DVDs, CDs, video games

27. Broken or unused drink coasters

28. Decor you no longer like or that looks out of place

29. Stained or thread-bare rugs

30. Candles used up or with broken wicks

31. VCR player & recorder, answering machine, or outdated and unused technology items

Things To Declutter In The Bedroom

32. Extra hangers

33. Socks with holes or stretched out

34. Jewelry you don’t wear or has lost color if costume jewelry

35. Clothes that no longer fit

36. Shoes you don’t wear

37. Stained or thread-bare rugs

38. Window coverings you don’t use

39. Comforters, bedspreads, sheets, linens you don’t use

40. Purses & accessories you don’t use

41. Belts that don’t fit or you don’t use

42. Pillows that have flattened out and you don’t use

43. Empty lotion bottles & other empty or near-empty products you don’t use

Things To Declutter In The Bathroom

44. Makeup that is expired

45. Outdated vitamins, prescription & over-the-counter medicine

46. Outdated lotions & sunscreens

47. Dried-up nail color

48. Used-up candles

49. Dusty potpourri with no fragrance left

50. Cosmetics you don’t use

51. Sample products you haven’t used

52. Hairbrushes & combs with missing bristles or teeth

53. Torn, faded, or worn-out washcloths and towels

54. Empty perfume & cologne bottles

55. Excess headbands, hair accessories & bobby pins

56. Hair stylers broken or no longer used

57. Fingernail clippers & tweezers you have duplicates of

58. Skin-care products that are expired

59. Make-up brushes that haven’t been cleaned

60. Knick-knacks sitting on cabinets

Things To Declutter In The Home Office

61. Old bills

62. Paychecks older than 2 years

63. Expired coupons & gift cards

64. Extra notebooks

65. Ticket stubs

66. Boxes

67. Outdated electronic items

68. Old Christmas, birthday & other cards

69. Expired coupons

70. Old day planners & calendars

71. Take-out menus

72. Old newspapers

Things To Declutter In The Kid’s  Bedroom + Toys

boy and girl playing with legos

73. Dried up Playdoh

74. Books your child has outgrown

75. Backpacks no longer used

76. Diaper bags your child has outgrown

77. Toys your child has outgrown

78. Games with missing pieces

79. Clothes & pajamas that no longer fit

80. Decor, wall hangings, & furniture your child has outgrown

81. Extra sheets or crib sheets that are no longer used

82. Broken crayons & colored pencils, & color books with few empty pages

83. Socks with no mate

84. Stray batteries that probably don’t work

85. Broken toys and toy pieces

Things To Declutter In The Garage

86. Flower pots that are broken or not used

87. Watering cans you don’t use or have more than one

88. Old product cardboard boxes

89. Holiday decorations you don’t use

90. Broken holiday lights

91. Nails & screws that are rusted

92. Bicycles & helmets not used or outgrown

93. Paint that is dried out and old & used paintbrushes

94. Rakes & hand tools that are broken or you have duplicates

95. Patio furniture not being used or broken

96. Outdoor toys no longer used or broken

97. Empty oil bottles

98. Stacks of wood no longer needed

99. Portable chairs that are broken

100. House fans & portable air conditioners that are broken or no longer used

101. Trash cans no longer used

girl deciding which clothes to declutter

What To Do With The Stuff You’re Getting Rid Of

Once you get things in your four boxes you will need to empty the boxes to keep moving forward.

The exciting part is you know exactly what to do with the items in each box thanks to the four-box decluttering method.

When you get to the ‘give away/sell’ box, my recommendation is to sell as many items as possible to get some extra cash in your pocket!

However, make sure the item is going to make enough money that it is worth your time to advertise it minus any commissions you may have to pay.

For example, a

For example, c


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Sell It

My first goto place for selling online is Facebook Marketplace.

Many cities also have a local marketplace (started by someone in your town) which is a great way to connect with others that may want what you have.

  • Bag Borrow Or Steal and Yoogi’s Closet are great if you have clothing or accessories to sell.

Bonus: If an app partners with Rakuten buyers are more likely to purchase from them so be sure and weigh this into the decision of where to sell your items.

Donating items can be the best choice for some things.

Look at your time spent to sell it versus the amount of return (how much cash you will get.)

Keep in mind donated items can be deducted on your income tax so this is a great option if you can use more deductions.

Be sure to get a receipt because you will need it for your income tax file. If you ever get audited the receipt provides proof you actually did make the donation and your tax deduction is legitimate.

Trash It

Some of the items you have in your trash box can be recycled.

If you choose this option (which I recommend) get an additional box to use for these items as you work!

Top Pick Amazon Decluttering Baskets

What Is Your Favorite Decluttering Tip?

If you have been thinking about decluttering but had no idea where to start, this list is a great resource for you!

If you have already started the process (or even finished!) I would love to hear your favorite tips that helped you get through the process!


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