Family Room Declutter Checklist

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How To Declutter The Family Room

The family room is a room in your house people are likely to see if you have guests or visitors drop by unannounced.

Decluttering this room can be a bigger challenge than other parts of your home because all family members hang out here and leave their things behind.

As you get started on your decluttering mission, the following checklist specifically designed for the family room and living room will give you a great start to getting these rooms in perfect ‘no-clutter’ condition!

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Family Room Declutter Checklist

  • Mail Clutter
  • Paper Clutter
  • Beverage Cans & Bottles
  • Dirty Dishes
  • Unused Or Extra Lamps
  • Unused Electronics & Computer Gadgets
  • Unused Or Extra Cords
  • Unused Video Games, CDs, DVDs & Movies
  • Miscellaneous Computer Gadgets
  • Pencils, Pens & Markers
  • Games, Toys & Puzzles
  • Odd & Ends Game Pieces
  • Books & Manuals
  • Craft Supplies
  • Unfinished Crafts Or Projects
  • Unused Pillows
  • Unused Blankets
  • Overly Stained Rugs
  • Unused & Overly Stained Furniture
  • Decor Without A Purpose
  • Items That Do Not Belong In This Room
  • All Other Unused Items
  • All Broken Items

Save the checklist below to refer back to later or share it with a friend that is in ‘declutter mode’ and would love to have more direction and additional ideas! 😊

list of items to declutter in family room

Declutter Checklists For Every Room & Area Of Your Home

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